You Are Home to Me

You Are Home to Me

As I was listening to the song 'You Are Home to Me by Jason Upton, I felt convicted to sit down and pray. I heard from God and He spoke to me. Each word was so sweet.

Michael, I want to use you.

But you have such a divided heart.

If you give me all of your heart, I will use you and the things you do will be written down in redemptive history and they'll have far reaching impact into eternity. 

But Lord, I replied, it is so hard. You know the things I struggle with.

What great thing is not also costly?

Then something strange and sudden. I felt as if God's countenance was smiling at me. So different from how I often view God looking at me. Usually serious and worried. But there was the biggest smile on His face, until that smile broke into a grin. It was as if sometimes I take my life too seriously all the while God knew it would all be okay. As if all my sins and ways I have let Him down didn't decrease His lovingkindness toward me.

Michael, Arise, eat and drink, for the journey is long ahead of you.



I walked to the edge of the pier. It was dark and you could only see a glimmer of the horizon line. These massive monstrous waves seemed larger at night. As they crashed around me, they made the pier columns shake and spewed water almost on the ledge. Such incredible bass sounds no audio technician could manufacture.

My God can do anything.

I felt almost shameful for praying to God for such small things. God can you please help me find a voice actor. God can you please make this video go viral. God can you please support me financially. My God created those waves. He created the sprawling ocean, of which I could only see a tiny portion of.

God, make Mighty LA like those waves, I prayed. That when they arrive on the shore of the earth, they bring thunder and rain and the foundations of the earth shake.
I’m so joyful I get to do what I do. Not only do I love making videos but I get to make videos for the Lord. To speak the things that burn in my heart. Creating a media company is enthralling. Branding, Websites, Vision Statements, Research, Interviews, Videos that take me around the world and deep into topics I’ve never explored. Raising this company fills me with joy. And it’s not the typical usual business where I have to stress about making a profit. I’m doing this simply because I love doing it. 

A whirlwind of a week

A whirlwind of a week

1.5M+ views on facebook, 200K+ views on youtube. 5 Interviews. Played on National TV, strangers typing up translations to over 6 languages, testimonies, emails, comments, 1000 subscribers, shared by faithit, backtojerusalem, gospel coalition. All of a sudden, Mighty, the part-time dream became a full-time reality. What a whirlwind of a week. 

“Life is not found in making much of yourself.”

“Do not do anything out of selfish ambition or vain conceit but in humility considers others better than yourself.” Phil 2:3-4

This has been a week where it’s all about me. Facebook likes on my posts. Emails from strangers asking me what I’m about, Interviews about my story and my video, Kakao messages blowing up about which website was the next to post the video or updates on the number of views. Prayer meetings held for me. All about me. What my selfish heart always wanted. And in the midst of this, I’ve forgotten about the needs of others. I’ve forgotten to take an interest in the lives of people around me. Any email that wasn’t complementing me or Mighty became overlooked. I have no time was my excuse.

There is no joy in making much of myself. This IS a time to celebrate but there is NEVER a time to think you’re above serving others. In John 13, while at the Passover feast, Jesus washes His disciples feet. It was the day when Jesus would be crucified. Everyone should’ve been serving Him. They should’ve been attending to his every need and desire. Even inmates on deathrow get served whatever meal they want before they are executed. And yet, Christ’s desire was to teach us how to serve one another. Wrapping a towel around His waist, He got on His knees and began to wash the dust off their feet. “A student is not above his teacher.” Mighty will serve the nations. And I will serve in small and unseen ways. OTHER above SELF.

Who Would Dare to Love ISIS?

One In love conference

I couldn’t run I couldn’t run from His presence.

One mountaintop experience at OIL leads to a momentous life after.

I am the light of the world, And I live in you.

I am the light of the world, And I live in you.

While on the airplane coming home from Chicago, my friend was playing candy crush with earphones on and he slips me one of the earphones. To my complete surprise, closer by bethel was playing.

Ohhh Ohhh How great is your love for me…

The moment I heard those lyrics, all my worries about what my life would be like in the next months melted away. Soaring 10,000 feet above the ground, God began to speak to me.

The end goal is not that I will give you Mighty, but that I will make you Mighty. The end goal is not starting a company but winning over your heart.

Don’t forget that. Lord…I responded..I’m going to go through so many dark times. It’s going to be so hard.

God pointed my gaze downward till my eyes met the mega-spirals of galaxies of lights below. I am the light of the world, Jesus said, and I live in you. All of that light you see. You will never live again in darkness. 


Faith never knows where it is being led, but it loves and knows the One who is leading. -Oswald Chambers

It was quiet…and then everything changed around me. All at once. Like it was timed perfectly. Transitions in the workplace, in relationships, in roommates. The birth of the prayer ministry. A great freelance opportunity, A chance to get to know my Dad. Reunion with Jaeson Ma. And waiting at the peak of the mountain is the oneinlove conference at the beginning of 2015. Rumblings signal the beginning of Mighty. I love the way you lead. 

Task 1: The Mighty Council

Proverbs 15:21 Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.

Psalm 101:6 My eyes will be on the faithful in the land, that they may dwell with me; the one whose walk is blameless will minister to me.

Before I begin, I need an inner circle. A group I go to before I go anywhere else. Pastors, spiritual leaders, close friends, mentors, media enthusiasts, businessmen, entertainment gurus, family. This is the group to hold me accountable, to pray consistently for me, to offer counsel, to comfort me when I’m down, to keep mighty going even when I want to quit. I have several people in mind. Can’t wait to meet up with them one on one. 

It's time to drop everything you have and follow me again.

I told my company I wanted to quit soon. But looks like they thought I was going to quit sooner than expected and they’re already looking for a replacement. Might be gone by the end of the year. Looks like Mighty might be happening sooner than I thought. 

God, I’m scared I said, but He spoke back. Michael, look backwards toward your past. I was there with you in college. From DAY 1, when you called my name I answered you. Everything you have relating to video, and how you got to where you are. Did you work for it? No it was given to you out of grace. Handed on a silver platter for you to take. After college, did you even apply for any jobs or were they given to you out of grace? This vision for mighty does not come from you but was given to you out of grace. When you asked for a sign to begin mighty, was it not given to you? What I have begun, I will complete. It’s time to drop everything you have and follow me again. Run into the unknown. Because I have commanded it. Lord, I spoke back, I just have this one life. The time that I have left is all I have of worth. I break it at your feet. Glorify your name through MIGHTY.

domain name locked down. .la is actually owned by the country of Laos, but they rent it out to businesses in los angeles! and it only cost $39. wouldve had to pay thousands for

A random, spontaneous, completely unexpected encouragement

everyday when you wake up ask yourself what do i want to do?
like really ask yourself.
think big too. it can be anything.
once you figure out what you want to do, you gotta believe you can really do it.
life is actually pretty simple.
you’re on this planet for a long time so you might as well be happy.
don’t listen to what anybody else says about your life.
believe when no one else does.
people write books about those kind of people.
if i listen to people who say it can’t be done, nothing will ever get done and the world will remain unchanged.
it takes someone to stand up for what they believe in.
a new idea, a new concept to really change the world.
once they see 1 person actually do it, then it becomes real.

-I Am Chad Future. (Yes, I actually watched this). 

Run into the Unknown. Because I have commanded it.

Run into the Unknown. Because I have commanded it.

The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you. Genesis 12

By faith Abraham, when called to go to a place he would later receive as his inheritance, obeyed and went, even though he did not know where he was going. By faith he made his home in the promised land like a stranger in a foreign country. Hebrews 11:8

Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. This is what the ancients were commended for. Hebrews 11:1

I was thinking about being fearful of quitting my job and starting on MIGHTY when God asked me a question: What did Abraham have when I called him to leave? All he had was God’s promise. God gave him a promise of what was to come but He did not show Abraham all the steps leading up to it. I came to LA by faith. Will I give up everything once again and move on by faith?

The real question that it comes down to is this: Do you really believe God spoke to you to begin MIGHTY?

As Mighty Speaks, The Nations Will Listen

Gods been asking me, how have you been stewarding your fridays? Where is what belongs to me!? But several people have been reminding me to work on it, including receiving an email from a friend I met at the freedom and fashion conference. This was almost 6 months later. I just started working on mighty again after almost half a year. Today, I rendered out the first rough draft of the teaser. And I spent some time in my room praying. One thing I realized is that among christians, very few have big visions. Even when I talk with people about mighty, I know on the outside they seem interested, but they don’t see it as something that will change the world. Lord, I pray that I will never lose my VISION. I pray that it will never get watered down. AS MIGHTY SPEAKS. THE NATIONS WILL LISTEN.

God Is Finishing His Mission Now

Mnet is taking away my fridays. To be honest, I haven’t been taking advantage of fridays to work on mighty much. Although, in the past few weeks, I started working on it again, it would still only be for an hour or two. Read this article by Piper. Missionaries are the ground troops. Prayer is the air force. What is media? I think media stirs the movement. It provides morale and gives confidence. It unifies the voice. It goes before the troops. And it remains after they leave.

More Logo Ideas - mostly playing with the idea of a scroll. Thanks to Nhung! Name: MIGHTY. Verse: I will tell you great and mighty things, jer 33:3

More Logo Ideas - mostly playing with the idea of a scroll. Thanks to Nhung! Name: MIGHTY. Verse: I will tell you great and mighty things, jer 33:3

Dreams, Visions, Revival, and Southern California

a vision from James W. Goll

Like an eagle in flight, I was hovering over the globe in search for a place to land. Suddenly the entire west coast of the United States came before me. I zoomed in upon the state of California and with the eye of an eagle I saw glimpses of redemptive purposes and plans. I then turned in flight over portions of southern California and I saw something that seemed unusual. Southern California was a womb for the body of Christ. She had been used to conceive the Word and the Spirit over the last one hundred years of the church age to bring forth different movements of God.


My “knower” was on high alert as I flew over Los Angeles and Orange County, California - that this womb had already received another word implanted at least a year earlier and that another long-term, almost overdue, birth was imminent. I then soared over Pasadena, California and the next thing I knew the eagle suddenly flew into the historic Mott Auditorium on the hallowed grounds of the William Carey University.

 I Saw John Wimber Standing on the Platform!

Suddenly on the wings of an eagle, I was taken into Mott Auditorium in Pasadena, California. The place was packed with worshipping believers with standing room only. The atmosphere was electric with the presence of God. Rabid worship was happening with occasional authoritative declarations by various leaders. I noticed a few desperate pastors I knew crying out with anguish for God to visit them once again. Then things suddenly shifted. 


All of a sudden the late John Wimber, former leader of the Vineyard Movement and voice for the Third Wave, was firmly standing on the newly purple-carpeted platform. The cultural atmosphere was now pregnant with a realm of the glory and the thick majesty of God. Then I heard and felt the voice of John Wimber echo an invitation that rattled the entire place. He simply declared, “COME AGAIN HOLY SPIRIT!”


People starting crashing to the floor en masse under the impact of the power and authority that resonated on those simple words. Once again another sound wave was released, “COME AGAIN HOLY SPIRIT.” It was not gentle Jesus showing up or the comforting dove of God manifesting. It was not just another renewal or revival meeting, though it seemed include all of those qualities. It was the violent invasion of heaven entering a time and space world. It was a “church quake”.


I felt the reverberation coming off the sound waves of the voice of the invitation. It shook the very building, the grounds and all those present. The fear of the Lord fell and an earthquake of a 5.7 magnitude resulted. The quake resulted in an anointing resting on Psalm 57. “Be gracious to me, O God, be gracious to me. For my soul takes refuge in You; And in the shadow of Your wings I will take refuge. Until destruction passes by. I will cry to God Most High, To God who accomplishes all things for me. He will send from heaven and save me.”


People screamed in terror as the entire grounds and buildings were rattled by the sound of God’s voice being heard and felt once again. Signs and wonders broke out but it appeared as an after affect not the primary goal. Then a third time I heard the pronouncement from John Wimber, “COME AGAIN HOLY SPIRIT!” People crashed to the floor in droves.


As I pen this, I just now realized some things I had forgotten. They just flashed suddenly within me as I compose this. I also saw the late Jill Austin, one of the fieriest prophetesses of the last decade, gazing in upon the happening and smiling. I heard her laugh echo over the occurrence as to say, “I told you He was coming!” I saw a great cloud of witnesses including Aimee Simple McPherson and others gathering around to peer in upon this strange outbreak. The convergence of old anointings still seemingly resident upon California was now colliding.


Suddenly I Was Awakened!

 My senses were heightened. It was July and I was ministering in Brazil – a land pregnant with revival - but suddenly it appeared to be another season and it was Fall, right at the time of the Jewish New Year of Rosh Hashanah. Then pages of a book flipped quickly from one chapter of time to another and suddenly it was 40 days and nights later. I smelled smoke in Mott Auditorium as the place had been filled with the burning fiery sacrifices of violent praise and worship. I smelled burnt flesh. I smelled aromas of life and death simultaneously at work.


Short messages from different anointed vessels were a part of this new sound wave but again it was not the main thing. Miracles happened. They suddenly occurred. But again, this was not the aim. It was not why the people even assembled. Yes, there were even short passionate pleas and desperate cries for help! But even that was not the central focus. This move of God centered on the radical worship of the One – Christ Jesus the Lord and the abandoned welcoming of the third person of the Godhead – the Holy Spirit! The jealousy of God permeated the experience.


It was not a conference. It was not even polished. It was not even 24/7 as we presently know it. It was raw and over powering. It was not rehearsed. It was an invasion of the Holy Spirit Himself.


A window of opportunity had opened and this uncontrollable surging sound wave jumped spontaneously around the globe. A man appeared on a pogo stick gleefully jumping from city to city and nation to nation.  The man on the stick was William Seymour of the historic Azusa Street Revival. He leapt across the nations and everywhere his pogo stick landed, light came for a brief moment! The nations were in an uproar and fire and light was falling around the globe.

 Then I Heard One Last Word

 “A Line Has Been Drawn in the Sand.” Terror gripped me. I shook. I honestly did not know what was coming next. I still do not know having pondered deeply on this experience. Was it Days of Glory or impending societal chaos? Was it times of economic collapse or reformation where a new order was created out of tumultuous uncertainty. I honestly was left not knowing what the outcome or the result was or would be.


But this I knew. Hope for the fragmented Body of Christ and the nations was being released. An invitation was being sent from heaven to earth and a line was being drawn in the sand.


The word went in me. The word penetrated me. The word has disturbed me. But this I know, heaven has a word that must be heard in the earth realm, “COME AGAIN HOLY SPIRIT!” And the invitation must have an urgent and appropriate response.

Looking for Logo Ideas!

Here is our vision for the logo.

Our name is MIGHTY. Our verse is ‘I will tell you great and MIGHTY things.’ I think this company will play a large part in the end times. Whether we are here for that or when our successors take over. I think as it gets harder to talk about God in our work places and in public, we need to be the voice of the church in the end times. The atmosphere of America during these days and the days to come is changing drastically. I think we will be making a lot of 'hard-truth’ videos. I think Jeremiah fits the vision of this company very well. We will be used to tear down, and uproot and destroy nations and kingdoms, and we will be used to replant and build up the kingdom of God. God says to jer. that many people will come against him but I will make your forehead as hard as flint and unyielding. And in Jeremiah 20: Your word is in my heart like a fire..I am weary of holding it in. So, overall, I think our logo needs to take on a more serious style in accordance with the changing christian church in this time and during the end times. There will be persecution and hardships and the love of many will grow cold and disasters and miracles and deception and crazy global events. We need to be a pillar of truth declaring the word of God boldly in a difficult time when people are both censoring Christianity as well as seeking out truth.

One idea: A SCROLL

Scrolls symbolize 1. the word of God written on an actual scroll, 1. the word of God entrusted to man (I think it was Isaiah when he was commissioned, had to eat a scroll, and in jeremiah when it says: i will put my words in you.) 3. In revelations, opening the scroll was a symbol of fulfillment and a releasing of God’s plan and power on the earth.

The very first logo idea! Thanks to HK.


1. Remember when you were young and you told Him, if you let me do video, I will do it for your glory. God will honor His promise and He will help you to honor yours.

2. Your word is in my heart like a fire. I can not keep it in. I have so many things to say, I need an outlet for it.

3. When the enemy attacks, will you just sit there, knowing that there is something you could do about it? The world and all of its false religions and cults scream their voice in media. Who will challenge them?

4. People have lost their fascination in Christianity; we need to bring that fascination back.

5. It’s yours for the taking. I took a road trip by myself up highway 1 along the beautiful pacific coast of California. With the pacific ocean on my left and mountains on the right, it was breathtaking. I can’t believe I live so close to such a wonder but never made the trip out that other people travel thousands of miles to see. It reminded me of this: Christian media is up for grabs and whoever wants it and has the faith will take it.

6. It will be a sign for the nations. The first wave of media missionaries will inspire the next wave and so on. You’re not doing this just for you or for the LORD but many others will be impacted.

Then the Lord reached out his hand and touched my mouth and said to me, “I have put my words in your mouth. See, today I appoint you over nations and kingdoms to uproot and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant.” Jer 1:9
 You don’t have to be a king to impact nations and kingdoms. All you need is a youtube account.