1. Remember when you were young and you told Him, if you let me do video, I will do it for your glory. God will honor His promise and He will help you to honor yours.

2. Your word is in my heart like a fire. I can not keep it in. I have so many things to say, I need an outlet for it.

3. When the enemy attacks, will you just sit there, knowing that there is something you could do about it? The world and all of its false religions and cults scream their voice in media. Who will challenge them?

4. People have lost their fascination in Christianity; we need to bring that fascination back.

5. It’s yours for the taking. I took a road trip by myself up highway 1 along the beautiful pacific coast of California. With the pacific ocean on my left and mountains on the right, it was breathtaking. I can’t believe I live so close to such a wonder but never made the trip out that other people travel thousands of miles to see. It reminded me of this: Christian media is up for grabs and whoever wants it and has the faith will take it.

6. It will be a sign for the nations. The first wave of media missionaries will inspire the next wave and so on. You’re not doing this just for you or for the LORD but many others will be impacted.