While on the airplane coming home from Chicago, my friend was playing candy crush with earphones on and he slips me one of the earphones. To my complete surprise, closer by bethel was playing.

Ohhh Ohhh How great is your love for me…

The moment I heard those lyrics, all my worries about what my life would be like in the next months melted away. Soaring 10,000 feet above the ground, God began to speak to me.

The end goal is not that I will give you Mighty, but that I will make you Mighty. The end goal is not starting a company but winning over your heart.

Don’t forget that. Lord…I responded..I’m going to go through so many dark times. It’s going to be so hard.

God pointed my gaze downward till my eyes met the mega-spirals of galaxies of lights below. I am the light of the world, Jesus said, and I live in you. All of that light you see. You will never live again in darkness.