I told my company I wanted to quit soon. But looks like they thought I was going to quit sooner than expected and they’re already looking for a replacement. Might be gone by the end of the year. Looks like Mighty might be happening sooner than I thought. 

God, I’m scared I said, but He spoke back. Michael, look backwards toward your past. I was there with you in college. From DAY 1, when you called my name I answered you. Everything you have relating to video, and how you got to where you are. Did you work for it? No it was given to you out of grace. Handed on a silver platter for you to take. After college, did you even apply for any jobs or were they given to you out of grace? This vision for mighty does not come from you but was given to you out of grace. When you asked for a sign to begin mighty, was it not given to you? What I have begun, I will complete. It’s time to drop everything you have and follow me again. Run into the unknown. Because I have commanded it. Lord, I spoke back, I just have this one life. The time that I have left is all I have of worth. I break it at your feet. Glorify your name through MIGHTY.