Couldn’t sleep this night because I was so excited. I got so many ideas for RISEMM that I had to keep getting up to type up my ideas. This night was when the concept really began to unfold. I saw the potential for this company and saw what it will become in the future. I remember this night because there was a call to prayer on based on 2 chron 7:14.

We will be anonymous. Why?
1. It’s cool. Rather than having our names and photos on the website, it
will just say anonymous. People will talk about RISEMM but no one but a
select few will know who is behind it.
2. To keep us humble. We cannot brag about being the first people who began this movement
3. To keep us safe. Some of the videos we make may be more sensitive.

California has been the setting of the beginning of many great revivals. What better place to begin a media revival than right under the roof of
hollywood here in LA?

Our main content will include: Videos, School, Blog, and Store

Christians are looking for companies they see a future in and want to invest in.

Everybody wants this done, but they are just waiting for the forerunners
 to start it.