I walked to the edge of the pier. It was dark and you could only see a glimmer of the horizon line. These massive monstrous waves seemed larger at night. As they crashed around me, they made the pier columns shake and spewed water almost on the ledge. Such incredible bass sounds no audio technician could manufacture.

My God can do anything.

I felt almost shameful for praying to God for such small things. God can you please help me find a voice actor. God can you please make this video go viral. God can you please support me financially. My God created those waves. He created the sprawling ocean, of which I could only see a tiny portion of.

God, make Mighty LA like those waves, I prayed. That when they arrive on the shore of the earth, they bring thunder and rain and the foundations of the earth shake.
I’m so joyful I get to do what I do. Not only do I love making videos but I get to make videos for the Lord. To speak the things that burn in my heart. Creating a media company is enthralling. Branding, Websites, Vision Statements, Research, Interviews, Videos that take me around the world and deep into topics I’ve never explored. Raising this company fills me with joy. And it’s not the typical usual business where I have to stress about making a profit. I’m doing this simply because I love doing it.