Jeremiah 20:9 Your Word is in my heart like a fire; a fire shut up in my bones. I am weary of holding it in. Indeed, I cannot.
— It should hurt you more to keep it in than to speak it out.


I’m writing this on the 25th, but all the events described happened on friday the 15th, from 8pm-3am. A friend had a spontaneous prayer meeting at her home. She is someone who is just on fire for God. She used to be in our small group, and was struggling back then, but God has completely changed her life through a crazy testimony. Her sister was also at the prayer meeting. Her name is Debbie. Little did I know, next week I would get to hear her share her testimony in a house church. It was the most powerful, miraculous, and tender testimony I have ever heard besides Brother Yun’s (from the Heavenly Man book).

Back to the story, when everybody first got there, people were just spontaneously sharing their testimonies with one another. Debbie walked in, and I remember her asking us, if we felt how thick the presence of the holy spirit was in the room. After about 2 hours of prayer and worship, there was a slight pause and I felt like God whispered in my ear, ‘speak.’ I barely knew any of the people there and didn’t know what to say so I ignored it. A couple moments later, Debbie started speaking and said that there were so many spiritual giants in the room and that some of you were going to do great things for God. She wasn’t even looking at me, and yet I felt for a brief second that her eyes looked at me. I felt like a bullet pierced my heart when I heard her say some of you would do great things for the LORD. Not to be proud or anything, but I really felt like that message was for me. A few seconds later, I was totally caught off caught when she looked directly at me and said, I have no idea who you are, but I feel like the presence of the LORD on you is so strong. I literally see a beam of light on you in the room. WHO ARE YOU!? That’s when I knew this was my time to speak.

So, I shared my media testimony. Talked about how I prayed in high school that if God let me make videos, I would do it for His glory. I talked about how I got into college by accident, and the year I entered, they created a new major which was the only major related to video. And how out of 200 people, I was one of the 10 selected. I talked about that article I read on about that man who asked God why christian media was of such poor quality and God responded, it’s because my people have given their best to the world. After sharing, everyone in the room began praying for me. I was in the center, and people began placing their hands on me and praying and prophesying over me.

Then, one of the guys there felt like God told him the word 'activation.’ He went to another one of the leaders and that leader said he received the same word from God! Apparently, they knew what that meant, while I was pretty unfamiliar with the concept. But basically, the concept is that, there should  be an 'activation point’ to confirm and to initiate someone to begin their calling. An anointing. It’s like if someone strongly feels they are called to do something, but there is still a bit of hesitancy. So people would come and basically confirm that that, to support them, and to send them out. It was a sign of authentication from the body of Christ. It was exactly what I needed. I knelt down and they prayed for me again. After this whole process, Debbie spoke and said that she saw an angel standing behind me while I was being confirmed. She said it was unlike any angel shes seen before. She described it and said she only saw the outline of the angel, and there were something like flames all behind his back. She asked other people if the Bible describes any angels like that but no one knew.

Afterwards, we prayed and worshiped all the way till 3am. I left then. But all through the night, people pulled me aside and prayed and told me some words God had spoken to them about me to encourage me.

One girl named Susie shared with me that she saw movies. These movies were directed by God and He would say of them, this is good, I am pleased with them. And He would give them to me and I would just be able to download them straight from God. She said that there were at least two she saw. Another guy named David pulled me aside and shared several things, one of which was that me entering into my calling was not just for myself. It was for God and it was for so many others. Many others would benefit from it. Another guy named Nick, who goes to my church, shared with me how when he put his hands on me to pray for me, he felt the favor of the LORD was on me very powerfully and that He could feel like God was after me, chasing hard after me. He shared about how Satan has a hold over Hollywood…at least for now, and how the Jews own Hollywood (which is true! I looked this up a couple years ago, and the CEO of almost all of the major media corporations were Jewish! ). The Jews hate Jesus right now. But it says during the end times, after the full number of Gentiles had come to faith, then God would bring the Jews back to Him! So, I thought about how even the turning of Hollywood to God would be associated with the end times and redemption of the Jewish people, especially the CEOs of those media corporations!

To wrap up the night, near the end, I felt like Jesus spoke and said to me, 'you are ready.’ Praise be to God! I had been praying for several months for God to show me when to begin my media organization and that night, it was answered so powerfully and in a way I would have never expected or dreamed of!

2/11/13 Media Leads the Way

I realized 2 things today: 1. Media leads the way for the people. Seeing high quality videos about God (hillsong zion+ MC Jin MV) gives me courage to not be ashamed of Christ. It’s really a morale booster. 2. After talking with a friend and finding out how much money she makes, I realize I am falling in love with money, and I’m afraid of not having it when I start this. Lastly, I thought of the first passage related to what I am doing. Jonathan leading the first wave into battle. Overall this past month, I’ve really been questing when to start my career as a media missionary. Part of me says, stop wasting time and start now! The other part says, wait on the Lord, He will let you know without a doubt when the time has come. That has been my prayer, that God would without a doubt let me know when to begin. Because something this big, there must be some fasting, visions, and dreams involved.

11/26/12 Rebranding Christianity

Rather than just rebranding christian media, I want to rebrand the entire christian identity. We have the power to do so, because media is the face of every organization/movement. The term christian, that we’ve come to adopt is very outdated, and is associated with boring, stereotypical imagery like the cross, and God is love, and conservatism. We need to rebrand the entire christian identity using a term, which could turn out to be our company name, that is more modern and relevant and new. I need to start consistently praying for this.

7/14/12 The Restless Night

Couldn’t sleep this night because I was so excited. I got so many ideas for RISEMM that I had to keep getting up to type up my ideas. This night was when the concept really began to unfold. I saw the potential for this company and saw what it will become in the future. I remember this night because there was a call to prayer on based on 2 chron 7:14.

We will be anonymous. Why?
1. It’s cool. Rather than having our names and photos on the website, it
will just say anonymous. People will talk about RISEMM but no one but a
select few will know who is behind it.
2. To keep us humble. We cannot brag about being the first people who began this movement
3. To keep us safe. Some of the videos we make may be more sensitive.

California has been the setting of the beginning of many great revivals. What better place to begin a media revival than right under the roof of
hollywood here in LA?

Our main content will include: Videos, School, Blog, and Store

Christians are looking for companies they see a future in and want to invest in.

Everybody wants this done, but they are just waiting for the forerunners
 to start it.

They call themselves...'media missionaries'

x/x/. The Vision is Written. I was depressed about my calling as I began to see my vision die. I prayed and less than 30 minutes  later, I get a call from Jonathan. He asks me what I want to do in the future. I tell him and he gives me some feedback. I felt greatly inspired and wrote my vision statement and shared it with several people.