Here is our vision for the logo.

Our name is MIGHTY. Our verse is ‘I will tell you great and MIGHTY things.’ I think this company will play a large part in the end times. Whether we are here for that or when our successors take over. I think as it gets harder to talk about God in our work places and in public, we need to be the voice of the church in the end times. The atmosphere of America during these days and the days to come is changing drastically. I think we will be making a lot of 'hard-truth’ videos. I think Jeremiah fits the vision of this company very well. We will be used to tear down, and uproot and destroy nations and kingdoms, and we will be used to replant and build up the kingdom of God. God says to jer. that many people will come against him but I will make your forehead as hard as flint and unyielding. And in Jeremiah 20: Your word is in my heart like a fire..I am weary of holding it in. So, overall, I think our logo needs to take on a more serious style in accordance with the changing christian church in this time and during the end times. There will be persecution and hardships and the love of many will grow cold and disasters and miracles and deception and crazy global events. We need to be a pillar of truth declaring the word of God boldly in a difficult time when people are both censoring Christianity as well as seeking out truth.

One idea: A SCROLL

Scrolls symbolize 1. the word of God written on an actual scroll, 1. the word of God entrusted to man (I think it was Isaiah when he was commissioned, had to eat a scroll, and in jeremiah when it says: i will put my words in you.) 3. In revelations, opening the scroll was a symbol of fulfillment and a releasing of God’s plan and power on the earth.